Medicare Supplement Plans or the Medicare Advantage – Which Is Better

The Medicare Supplement Plans also popularly known as Medigap protects those who purchase the traditional Medicare plan against many out of the pocket costs. The one who purchases the Medicare Supplement Plans have to pay a premium to buy the plan and this is in addition to the amount that he pays towards the Medicare part A, B and D.

Medicare Supplement Plans

The Medigap plan is sorted by letters. You need to choose from A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N. The inclusions however of these plans are standardized but the amount that you will pay for these plans could be different. So it makes sense that you look around a bit to get a good deal.

The plan F is mostly preferred by many because it covers everything. It offers a very comprehensive coverage and it fills in all the gaps of Medicare insurance. There are no or very less out of the pocket changes when you buy the plan F.

medicare advantage plans 2019

Medicare Advantage

The Medicare advantage plan offers the Medicare part C and it offers more coverage at low cost than if you were to purchase the Medicare plan that is offered traditionally and then buy the Medigap policies.

You need to buy the Medicare advantage plan in 2019 to save money also through a private insurance company and there you will get the basic part A, part B and Part D coverage as well as some additional coverage.

This is very similar to a private health insurance plan. There are many services offered with a small amount of copayment. It also depends on what your state offers.

The rules will be different for each company because it is a private plan and each company decides its rules independently. So it could be that some of the companies would want you to have a referral in order to meet a specialist and others many not require a referral.

Which is a better plan for you?

No insurance company would be selling you both the Medigap plan and the Medicare advantage plan. You however need to consider a few factors before you make the purchase:

  • Cost –

The Medigap plan charges a higher monthly premium but the out of the pocket expense could be lower than the Medicare advantage plan. But the Medicare advantage plan costs less and offers more benefits so it could fit your budget better.

  • Choice –

The Medicare advantage plan limits the doctor and hospitals from where you can be treated. It may not cover the doctors out of the network. This is particularly true if you require going to some specialist or a particular hospital not under the plan.

  • Lifestyle –

The Medicare Advantage plan would mostly be operating in a particular region only. If you keep moving then then Medigap policy is better for you.

Considering Medicare Supplement Plan B? This is what you need to know!

Before choosing and finally deciding on a Medicare supplement plan, might not always come easy. As there are different kinds of plans out there and they all cover slightly and sometimes totally different expenses, one is often left wondering: am I choosing the right one? Will it really save me money? Will it cover what I need it to cover if the necessity comes? It is completely normal to feel this way and almost everyone goes through this process. If you are leaning in more towards getting Medicare supplement plan B, you might want to read about it once more, to make sure that you are not missing on anything important. Here is what you need to know about Medicare supplement plan B:

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What does Medicare supplement plan B cover?

This supplement plan B will cover for your Medicare part B copayments and coinsurance. It will also cover for the first three pints of blood, you might need to get if admitted to the hospital or in some cases, during an outpatient hospital visit. Usually, without the supplement plan, you would need to pay for the first three pints of blood yourself and the original Medicare will start covering for any pints of blood you might need after paying for the first three. It also covers any deductibles of Medicare part A, as well as hospital expenses, that aren´t covered by Medicare part A. This includes the coinsurance you would otherwise need to pay for, for a period of time of up to one year after Medicare part A benefits are depleted. The original Medicare part A would also leave you paying coinsurances and copayment for hospice care, which would be covered by the supplement plan B as well.

What does Medicare supplement plan B not cover?

It is good to know what the plan B covers and some or all of its benefits might just be the reason why you are leaning towards this plan. If what you´re paying most for is already in the list, you are choosing correctly by lowering your out-of-pocket expenses for these services separately and replacing them with a monthly premium payment for your supplement plan, which in the long run, can turn out to be much less expensive. However, it is also good to know what it does not cover! When enrolling to this plan, you will still need to pay for Medicare part B deductibles, any excess charges from Medicare part B, the coinsurance for skilled nursing facility and for foreign travel emergency care.

After comparing what is covered and what not to what your personal needs are and what you feel is more important to you, making the decision to enroll to the plan should feel a lot easier. Remember, that the premium costs for the plan vary from insurance company to insurance company and it is best to look at different prices, to make sure that you are getting the best option available!