Pack all you Medicine well and Separate them from other Personal Effects

Pack all you Medicine well and Separate them from other Personal Effects

Medicine for seniors is like water but this is not to say that all seniors are ill. There are those of us who thanks to the heavens enjoy perfect health. However, consider that most of the seniors may be ill in one way or another and this is the reason behind why am saying that you need to carry your medicine with you when you are travelling. It is not only packing your things and throwing your medicine anywhere within your suitcase. You need to be aware and be able to remember where you kept your medicine easily. There are a number of reason as well as benefits of packing all your prescribed medicine separately from your other personal effects.

It helps you to reach them quickly

It is unfortunate that some of us are suffering but have been able to manage asthma in one way or the other. With that, if you have any kind of medicine that you depend on it so much, it is a high time you learn to keep them separately from your other belonging. The reason for this is that it helps you reach them in case of an emergency. Take an example where as senior you have suffered a sudden asthmatic attack. The first thing that comes to mind is your inhaler. If you di pack your bags in a hurry without considering the need to put your inhaler is a place where you can reach them; your life might eventually hang on a thread. So just keep you medicine well so that you can reach them in case of an emergency.

Proper packing helps another person to locate your drugs with ease

There are those instances when we have experienced a relapse of what we are suffering from while travelling. When such instances arise, you will agree with me that you will ask for assistance from someone in the event that you don’t have the strength to locate your medicine. If you are well aware of where your drugs are, the better because it will be easy to just tell that person the exact place where you kept them.

Medicine for seniors is a source of life

Seniors beyond the age of 65 are delicate beings and it if for that matter that I am advising you to always carry your medicine with you. Enroll here for 2020 medicare advantage plan