Write Reviews for Your Website

Here are some great ideas to keep your website fresh and exciting. People that follow you on social media and on your website are interested in hearing what you have to say, so intrigue them by posting reviews about certain topics you feel you can speak about. It can be much more appealing than discussing Medicare supplement plans.

Name Brands

People are always interested in hearing reasons why one competitor is better than another in a certain industry. Some rivals are as classic as Coca Cola versus Pepsi, or McDonald’s versus Burger King. Pick a side and do a thorough review of the two competitors and discuss why you favor one over the other. You can even do a poll to ask your followers what they think, then use their answers as further blog posts to keep the conversation going and to keep them interested in your content.

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There are some more relevant brand battles today that you should probably stick to. For instance, are you an iPhone customer or Samsung? They are two different big name brands using two different operating systems on their smart phones, but both provide fairly similar capabilities just with different qualities. Why would you choose one over the other? Where does your brand loyalty come from and why should your followers listen to you or believe what you say? Do you have experience with both of the brands or are you just biased towards one? Have you had any negative experiences or only positive ones? What makes you continue to be loyal to that brand rather than try out the other?

Google versus Amazon may be another quality debate now that both are into smart devices for your home that are voice activated. Do you favor one brand over the other? Do you even trust smart devices in the home that are clearly always listening to you since they are voice activated? What kinds of technologies are you using besides those if you aren’t really a fan of them?

Pitting two sides of a debate against each other is always the perfect way to get activity on your blog posts. People always have opinions, everyone, and they always want to share it. Give them a platform to form their opinions and feel free to agree or disagree with them to continue sparking more debate. You will be sure to grow your follower base in no time.